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you had me at hello:

just a couple of Qs:

Content Creation Party LIVE

👉 What: Content Creation Party 

🏢 Where: Sacramento Area, CA (Additional locations coming soon, with availability to travel!)

👩‍💼 Who: Entrepreneurs who are ready to step up as the face of their brand & create beautiful video content that feels ohsogood to share

💰 Investment: $350 

What to expect:

  • Enjoy a fun in-person video shoot creating content for your business. I’ll capture you in short, simple videos that you can use to share your brand & story on your social media. Come with ideas of your own, or leave it to me – I’ll act as your videographer, creative director, and cheerleader! 

  • This will be a small group experience (5 max). Everyone hypes each other up, brainstorms together, helps each other create group & individual shots.

  • If talking on camera isn't your thing, no worries at all. We can create captivating content with a focus on establishing shots and b-roll video, highlighting the essence of your work without you having to speak directly on camera. 

  • If you're open to it, we’ll incorporate moments where you share your thoughts or expertise, adding a personal touch with your voice.

  • Upcoming shooting locations:

    • Coworking office space

    • Coffee shop 

    • Outside on street

    • Local photography studio

What you’ll get:

  • Bank of raw video & photo content to use for future social posts

  • 3 edited & ready-to-post social media videos of you

  • On-camera practice to help you feel comfortable creating on your own

  • My content creation resources – checklists, caption drafts, and story ideas

  • New local business besties to support you in your business

Kickstart 2024 with a fun and collaborative content creation experience. Limited to 5 participants.

Enter your info now to schedule a dynamic content creation session in March!

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