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kassandra maher working on phone on instagram

Instagram Audit

Start fresh with a strategic analysis of your page, content review, bio rewrite, and a clear direction on where to go from here.

I’ll walk you through the updates we can make to your page and your content to help you achieve a clean & clear page that attracts dream clients.

This is designed to give you quick, tangible advice that you can implement immediately.

This is a great place to start if you know you want help, but don't know what you don't know.

kassandra maher working with a private marketing coaching client

1-1 Marketing Coaching

I’ve designed this program to be the catalyst for change in your business. This will be the moment that you start down the path of using your social media and digital marketing efforts to build your business, for real.


You'll learn how to authentically grow your online community of people that absolutely love you & your brand and want to work with or buy from you all the dang time. Best of all, you'll feel comfortable doing it, and you'll know that you're being true to the real you.

This is great for motivated solopreneurs who, with a little direction, are gonna be off to the races.

Audit & 1-1

Content Creation Subscription

Ready to lighten the load?

I'll craft monthly drops of ready-to-post social media content, tailored just for you, delivered to your inbox.


I'll work with you to design a content creation shoot, and come to film & take photos of you at work..

If you'd like me to turn footage you have on hand into compelling, story-driven Reels and TikTok videos, that works, too!

Wherever you're located, this is a great way to take content off your plate while ensuring you're sharing on-brand value-packed posts every week.

kassandra maher filming and creating content for a client

Content Strategy Session

Let's plan out all your binge-worthy content for 30 days in 3 just hours!

Join me for an exclusive session where we'll dive deep into your brand and business, and outline the exact posts that are going to make your audience say OMG I MUST BOOK NOW.


We'll build a step-by-step marketing content plan for you to follow that leads you right to your goals, whether that's more engagement online, more sales, audience growth, or all of the above!

Great for the go-getter who wants to meet ASAP and put a strategic plan in place that they can follow, like, yesterday.

kassandra maher working on her computer and making notes


Totally get it.

In that case, the best place to start is with a free consultation. Book yours below & we'll hop on a call to talk about what's best for your business right now (exciting!).

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