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3 Ways a Haircut is like a Social Media Audit

I'm sure you've heard of a haircut, but what about a social media audit?

A social media audit is the process of reviewing your business' metrics to identify what is working well, which areas are falling short, and how you can improve your social presence.

Just like a DIY haircut, you can perform a social media audit on yourself by looking critically at your social media channels one by one and diving in to define where you are successful currently, and where you'd like to see improvement and growth.

That said, by performing the audit on yourself, you might be missing key points that need addressing. A set of trained eyes can identify areas of your social media that need attention that you may not see.

Another option is to work with a professional on your social media audit. An expert will work with you to identify opportunities in your digital marketing, discuss what’s working (and what’s not), and design a social media strategy plan to help you achieve more success.

That "success" should be defined by what is most important to you and your business. It could be more unique followers, more engaged commenters, more post saves or shares, or just more business generated from your social media channels.

Here are 3 compelling reasons to consider getting a haircut—I mean, a social media audit.

Avoid looking unkempt and scraggly, in person and online.

Boost the Growth

Everyone wants to see their business grow! But sometimes using a tool like social media, it's hard to know if your actions are actually leading to growth. Keeping your same strategy (or continuing to post without one) can leave your social media looking unkempt and scraggly.

With regular planning and review of your social media accounts, you can track what your audience is responding to most. From there, you and ensure that your future content is designed around what your audience most wants to see.

Social media should work to make your business look more desirable and accessible. Building valuable and beautiful content leads to growth for your business as a whole, not just on your social media pages.

Instagram Grid for an account that features blue and tan neutral images
An aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid is half the battle.

Easier Styling

It's easier to create a consistent and aesthetically pleasing posting strategy when you have a clearly defined style for your brand.

Once you've done the work to clearly define your brand's identity and the goals you have for your social media presence, you don't have to keep wracking your brain for posting ideas and content creation. All you have to do is maintain the look.

Building and maintaining a design strategy that is intentional will help you save time and stress in the content creation & posting processes.

Man with scissors points at camera
Your account should have content that's interesting, valuable, and great to look at.

Always Fresh

Like a haircut, it's important to take a critical look at your social media every 1-3 months to continue to appear fresh and vitalized.

If that seems pretty often to you, consider the alternative. By operating on autopilot or posting without clear goals and plans, you risk wasting your time on content that feels stale, stilted, and ineffective. Your business can't add value to your audience if you haven't mapped out the content you want to share.

By reviewing your strategy and social media presence often, you're able to design and post content that your audience finds interesting, valuable, and great to look at.

Hair too long? Bangs in your face?

Even if it's just a trim, reach out today to get your social media freshened up and looking your best.


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