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5 Common "Rules" For Small Business Marketing That Are Actually Steering You Wrong

There’s a lot of bad advice out there about how you “should” be marketing your business online.

Here are 5 common practices, tips, or "rules" for small business marketing that are actually steering you wrong, and 5 ways to get it right. AKA, here’s what I’m NOT going to tell you, and why.

1. "Here's how I think you should run your business."

YOU know your business better than anyone else. Don't let someone else come in and try to tell you you're doing it all wrong! All you need is a an experienced ear to listen, ask questions, and offer advice. I'll ask you questions about what’s working right now, what’s not, and what your goals are. With the information you give me, we will work together on a building a strategy that fits and supports your current needs and future goals.

2. "You must post every single day."

It’s true that consistency is super important. However, you truly don't need to worry about posting every single day on all platforms. When we come up with a tailored plan that strategically your business and serves your customers, you can actually add more value to your customers and prospects, without it being a daily chore. By building a content calendar that gives you prompts for what to post, we can even get you ahead of the game.

3. "You need to be active on all social media platforms."

Some platforms are not going to be a perfect fit for you, and that’s OK! We’ll talk about where your current customers are, how you can reach new customers best, and which platforms allow you to add value the most. Nobody wants to see that you have 10 social channels but you’re not even posting on seven of them.

4. "I guarantee rankings / top results."

Anyone who guarantees you numbers or success is somebody that you should be at least a little wary of. Especially when it comes to search engine optimization, just because you’re top ranked doesn’t mean that you’re top booked. We’ll focus on getting you getting your customers (a) to your website, (b) on your email list, and (c) actually engaged and booking with your business, not JUST on ranking high in search results. SEO is an incredibly valuable strategy for small businesses to leverage, but we want to make sure we commit to turning site visitors into happy customers.

5. "You should create and share content that relates to as many demographics as possible."

This is a lose/lose strategy. If we try to make content that attracts everyone, you get lost in the shuffle and aren’t able to actually find and be there for the clients that would be the best fit for your business. We’ll define and focus on your niche, identify who your best prospective customers are, and create content that is interesting and valuable for those people specifically.

Which of these are you most thankful to debunk? Let us know in the comments.
Ready to chat about how we can get your business on the right track?

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