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If You Got 30 New Customers Today, What Would That Mean For Your Small Business?

For the 30 people who see this, this critical tip is going to change social media for you!

notification: you have 30 new customers?
If 30 people walked into your shop or visited your website & bought something right now, what would that mean for your small business?

How many of us have posted something on social media, only to be disappointed by how many views or likes it got?

This tip is my favorite when it comes to reframing your mindset around social media for your business.

Your #1 concern should NOT be the number of followers, likes, or views that you get.

phone with Instagram heart like symbol painted on wall behind it
One of your goals may be gaining followers, but what you truly seek probably goes a bit deeper than that.

Your BIGGEST metric for measuring your social media success should be: how many people are taking an action after seeing your posts? AKA how much business is truly being generated from your social media efforts?

If your concern is only how many people are liking your posts, you might get distracted from what really matters.

What REALLY matters with social media is that you are getting the attention of & providing value to your ideal customer.

One of your goals may be gaining followers, but what you truly seek probably goes a bit deeper than that.

You may want more followers because you want more people to visit your website and make a purchase, or you want more people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Example: If 15k people see your video, but no one buys anything or starts a relationship with your business, those are just numbers.

If just 300 people see your video, but 3 people reach out for a quote or buy a product from you, that was a MUCH more successful video overall!

target clients venn diagram: small business owners, ages 18-35 women & men, looking to grow on social media
These are my target clients. Identify the idea people you work with, so you can make your content SPECIFICALLY for them.

Get to know your biggest clients & identify potential clients. What do they like, dislike, need to know, want to learn? Make your content SPECIFICALLY for them, and those are the people that will be visiting your site or your shop, and messaging you about working together.

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